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SpiceJet is an Indian low-cost airline headquartered in Gurgaon, Haryana. It is the second largest airline in the country by number of domestic passengers carried, with a market share of 13.6% as of March 2019. The airline operates 630 daily flights to 64 destinations, including 54 Indian and 15 international destinations from its hubs at Delhi and Hyderabad.


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Captain says

"lowest salary amount the industry"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"growth is not there in long term"

Current Employee - Aircraft Maintenance Technician says

"Low salary and lack of manpower"

Current Employee - Security Executive says

"Management mischief’s Less salary Lack of secrecy"

Current Employee - Cabin Crew says

"Very poor salary, too much leave restrictions."

Former Employee - Operations Executive says

"Low Salary according to workload and position in the company. Poor working environment and poor coordination between departments."

Current Employee - Commander says

"Bad financial planning in the long term"

Former Employee - Senior Cabin Crew says

"Only if you know how to please your manager you can survive"

Current Employee - Certifying Mechanic says

"bad internal management in comparison to others"


"Salary Leave's Allowance compared to competitive. Promotions"

Senior Executive (Former Employee) says

"Company is not at all loyal to their loyal staff. No job Security. Even they did not return my DD amount as per clause. Management is worst.. if they want to make money then they should humble with there loyal employees atleast."

Ground Staff (Former Employee) says

"No particular shift timings. Behaviour of senior level management towards New comers are pathetic. Senior level management will treat their juniors as slaves. Senior level management do nothing after coming to office they only play In-door games ( Caroms) at the time of departure and the full departure pressure will be on the junior level, and if something goes wrong in the departure the senior level management will penalise the junior level which they don't deserve to do. Our promotions are based on personal preference and are not gauged based on performance.No ProsWorst Senior level management."

spice jet avation ltd (Current Employee) says

"Management is not good by all supervisors and dutyofficer , A typical day at work is taugh, I learned many things like how to handel taugh ,situation , and to behave in normal when it is stresed at my work,. Some of my co - workers are very helpfull at work and some are not ,\ The most enjoyable part of my job is when there is no flight , no work no pressure ."

Senior Cabin Crew Scheduler (Current Employee) says

"Managing daily operation, it is like learning by doing. How to work in team, minimum crew requirement, time management. The environment is really beautiful, all staff are supportive , gud to learn different things. Make operation on time on last minute reort sick or due to any unforeseen circumstances. Without taking delay running the operation on time in kiosk."

CSE (Customer Service Executive) says

"Workplace was good but the management was not so good and i was not enjoying my life there. Person was not good there they have not helping nature. I felt no positive vibes there."

Security Executive (Current Employee) says

"working at spicejet specially Mumbai ground staff. work management is very poor. over time salary is not provided. compoffs are also not allowed to take, as compared to the work salary is very low. No mask or gloves are provided. Senior Manager, HR are very rude. there are 2 weekoffs provided in other airlines."

Senior Customer Service Executive/Administration (Current Employee) says

"it was an interesting experience and its more about coordination and man management. more focus is on on time performance and customer feed back.free ticketslong hours"

Business Analyst (Current Employee) says

"No work culture, Poor environment, poor management and no office timings, Though for women to survive, No proper job description and designations. Never work here"

Captain (Former Employee) says

"Spicejet has to contend with the DGCA ( Directorate general of civil aviation) which is a government institution in India and therefore corrupt and incompetent. When I was there they were desperate for ex-pat captains which they used to train up the local Copilot’s who were trained by an ex Air Force colonel who at least knew how to get the attention of young men and women who didn’t really know anything. In most cases the first and only job that any of these copilots ever had was first officer in a Boeing 737. So...ab initio. Still they were intelligent and interested and fun to fly with. They don’t hire expatriates anymore.People were greatSchedulers were 20 years old"

Inflight Coordinator (Current Employee) says

"Would like to apprise that the incident happened in the month of January 2014.I started morning shift from 0600 Hrs. There were all flight departure delayed due to fog.Initially flight departure cabin crew had signed there medicals as per the procedure but flight departure were continuously revised due to weather issue at several stations.The moment we got the clearance from the concerned team however i advised to cabin crew to go to the flight.When they landed in first station aircraft got technical snag and flight got further delay. At last minute we got to know that crew members were not legal to operate the further sectors due to duty time exceed.Finally we arranged separate staff. That was the very typical day and saved further delay. I learned to do multiple task in the pressure. How to write the business letters, mailing etc. Our team members were always help to each other in every situation. The most enjoyable part of the job was to make smooth operations and flight departure was on time.Transport FacilityLong Shifts"

Customer Service Executive (Current Employee) says

"as compared to previous work there is no proper management.... there is no other choice than to work... there is no proper co ordination.... the only plus point is salary is on time.... no pick/drop servicelong hours"

Senior Cabin Crew (Current Employee) says

"you need to have extraordinary commitments towards company without expecting any returns to your hardwork"

GHA off Spicejet Aviation As a Cargo Executive (Former Employee) says

"Delex cargo india pvt. ltd. is Ground Handling Agency its a contractual base job of air handling cargo and there is future growth and no helpful staff and not a coperative mangament .Never get a lunch.Long working hours and double duties."

Customer Service Executive (Former Employee) says

"I worked in DTD departed and the worst part is no body appreciated for the Hard work i did .Also the response from hr is pathetic for any query . We even did not received confirmation letter for a year . Over all my experience to work in the company was very bad."

Regional Sales Manager - East India (Former Employee) says

"No science in decision making - depends on mood and your relationship with the management. Have learnt to operate and function with negligible support from HO. Great individual leaders but not willing to work together. Good supportive co-workers."

Technician (Current Employee) says

"when i join it,first day was more typical for me,here i learnt many more.management is so co-operative,co-workers are also co operative."

Station Manager (Current Employee) says

"Since MARCH,2013 with Spice Jet, Lucknow as Station Manager Growth Path: Nov’08 – MM’YY Duty Manager, IGI Airport, Delhi Since MAR.2013 Station Manager, Lucknow As Station Manager Role: • Establishing various departments to facilitate domestic and international operations of SpiceJet at Lucknow Airport • Overseeing all the Departments Heads i.e. G.S.D., Commercial, Engineering, Transportation, Security, Operations, Finance, General Administration, etc. • Handling 128 departures& arrivals daily • Attaining various operational permissions from the Airport Authority of India, State Government and other Authorities • Monitoring finance department of the Station(give details) • Monitoring monthly internal as well as external audits • Developing cordial relations with A.A.I., Lucknow, State Government, District Administration, High-Court, etc. • Responsible for maintaining On Time Performance (OTP) of the Spice Jet which was appreciated and recognized by Headquarter • Taking care of protocols of Important Dignitaries travelling through SpiceJet Highlights: • Successfully established and set-up a new station for the AirlineFriendly and cordial atmosphereLong working hours"


"Its fun working as a team. i have learned what are the standard operating procedures. we need to do an anti sabotage check of the flight."

Cabin crew (Former Employee) says

"the most enjoyable part of the job, good work culture and fun at work placenothingnothing"


"If you have no other option to work, then join Spicejet otherwise dont spoil your life by joining Spicjet. You will feel like it is a biggest mistake to join Spicejet.nothingun countable"

Ontime Services says

"Recently my family travel to india BY SPIECEJET with few pc of baggage but without notification airline drop one of the baggage in UAE airport upon arrival airline staff informed that one of the baggage will be delivered to us after 3 days, what if something urgent thing inside? like medicine and all"

customer says

"Just aweful, they allow you to book ticket from london to delhi. then cancel ticket without even informing after 1 week. How i come to know is through my enquiry to customer care with 45 minute of waiting time. cant be trusted. Poor customer service. dont deserve to operate from UK"

Aniket Darunte says

"The worst service ever.. If this is your last resort then take the bus.. They are looking ppl and it's just the most horrible experience.."

Poonam says

"I hope I can give a negative rating to this Airline, Horrible experience . I live in Canada and I had booked 4 refundable tickets for internal travel from July end - August. I had to cancel my tickets from Canada because of COVID. I had my money refunded with the other Airline, but Spice jet refuse to do anything about my internal travel tickets. They just know how to take advantage of the situation and make money. Very unethical Airline, who does not adhere to their own policy. We pay extra money to buy refundable tickets as we are unsure of the future and Spice jet take it as a chance to make money. They are not giving me an extension either. I have been a long term traveler with spice jet while I was in India, but with the current situation THEY ARE THE MOST MONEY MINDED AIRLINE WHO IS TRYING TO LOOT THE TRAVELERS AND TAKING TOTAL ADVANTAGE OF THE SITUATION. If you have an option, suggest you to book tickets with a different airline….. I'm definitely going to do that in future."

M s Dhoni says

"It is like a bus For the first time I travelled from hyderabad to Bangalore in spicejet. As it was my first time I felt amazing. The plane was so poor that it was almost like a shuttle bus. Full of shakes. No smooth flying. Seats are little bit conjusted. Not a good one"

Jean Bloise says

"SPICEJET flight form Jaipur to Udaipur 18/02/20. I was about to check in, to fligh to Udaipur, I have been denied by the company for.. « improper Seat??? ». I could not get on board so I had to hire a taxi to reach destination this trip took me all day to reach destination. As compensation, spicejet offer me a partial remission instead of full refund. they were suppose to process compensation within 7 up to 10 days. Today I am still waiting for it?? DESPITE my reminders NO REPLY. This the way SpiceJet customer service are dealing with their customers. What is this behavior, how can you do this ??? you are liers and cheaters !!! And I will claim this to Indian consumers service. Shame on you!!! SpiceJet"

Rahul Navjeet Nigam says

"One of the worst company in India for airlines is spice jet . I flew from Guwahati to patna and the flight was connencting with one stoppage to kolkata and i was staying in Kolkata more than 24 hr it is flight or auto??"

Aaron Buddy123 says

"One of the worst company in India for airlines is spice jet . I flew from Kolkata to bagdugra and the Pilot never announced that we are on the runway about to take off it is 1 hour flight, plane was going up and down due to the bad weather but Pilot never says have a seat belt men very bad airline I did one time it’s my first and last with spice jet . Even they change the flight time"

Emopanda says

"Worst customer service. I lost my laptop on board, never got it back. They have dishonest staff. It is a small flight, they do have contact details of passengers who travelled on that flight. Customer service staff do not know what customer service is. Never ever take this flight I flew from UK. Staff did not advise me whilst I was checking in, to send duty free drinks in check in baggage. I had less luggage and no hand luggage could have put the bottles in the main luggage and moved other stuff in the hand luggage. When security advised me to check in those battles. Airport Help desk staff Pawan explained the situation to Spice jet staff and requested so much for an hour to check in my bag containing drinks. Staff were not able to accept that they failed to advise us to check in the bottles when they could see we had just drinks as hand luggage. We were three people had less than 4kg hand luggage and one of our check in luggage was only 11kg. They wouldn't check in till I paid 1200 Rupees. I could have hired a taxi for all three of us or booked for train two sleeper or one sleeper AC."


"Hi, I am unhappy with Spicejet on charging of slightly over weighted due to eating items kept for eating in waiting time. On complaining, boarding pass staff started arguing. Further flight was delayed by an hour. Need to think before selecting Spicejet for future travels."

Pavan Murtennavar says

"They left my bag at the boarding point and ruined my vacation"

milena says

"Very bad experience in the POrt Blaire airport, they treated us badly. Not recommend at all !!!!"

Caroline Corrigan says

"I flew with SpiceJet from Mumbai to Kochi: where to even begin with how horrible this airline is! Our problems started at the check-in desk, where the woman checking us in visibly rolled her eyes at us when we approached the counter. From that moment, I knew we would have problems. When we arrived in Kochi, I was informed that my bag had been kept in Mumbai because of a powerbank (which the check-in lady did NOT ask us about). Now, I completely understand why they have this policy, and that's not the problem I had with SpiceJet, as I realize that part is my fault. The problem was how SpiceJet customer service handled it. No information, hanging up on me every time I called to check the status of my bag, needing me to send the appropriate paperwork MULTIPLE TIMES before removing the powerbank and sending me my bag (which took over 48 hours). I honestly don't understand why it's so difficult to simply remove the powerbank (which I gave permission to do) and send the bag. Yet for some reason, the people who work for this airline are completely incompetent. Not only that, but I received a message on WhatsApp that my bag was arriving on a certain flight, so I drove 1.5 hours to pick it up. But when I arrived, the bag WAS NOT ON THE FLIGHT! Instead, it was on the next flight which landed 3 hours later. Since we were about to leave Kochi and go to Alleppey, I had to wait for it. I spoke with the people working at the SpiceJet counter in Kochi airport, who didn't seem to care at all and kept saying "well maybe it will come tomorrow". I made it clear I wasn't leaving without the bag, and told them I'd wait for the next flight. I left to get some food, and when I returned, NO ONE WAS THERE -- the counter was closed. Fortunately I was able to get the terminal manager to help me get my bag, but if they weren't going to be there, why the hell didn't they just say so when I told them I'd be returning?? Truly a horrendous experience with SpiceJet customer service, both in person and on the phone -- completely unhelpful in every way possible. The second time we flew SpiceJet was no better, as we were charged double the price of our ticket to change our flight by one day (even though online it says you only have to pay the difference of the fares, which is a lie). On top of that, there were over $100 of hidden fees added to the ticket price, which we were not informed about until it was time to pay. We were told we either had to pay it, or we'd lose our current flight AND the new reservation. Nothing about this airline makes sense, worst customer service I've ever experienced. DO NOT FLY SPICEJET!!"

lisa bolt says

"Airline cancelled flight, 8 months later still no fefund"

Neil says

"Travelling from Jaipur to Dubai through to Manchester. Check in desk staff were ignorant and unhelpful, refusing to tag my bag correctly even after showing my onward boarding pass. This resulted in my bag not being transferred to my onward flight."

Sai Kalyan says

"A very bad consideration for costumer concerns. They never try to support the emergency situations customer is having and additionally they have bad reschedule schemes I will never ever opt this airlines or refer it anyother. I would go with 0 stars but the worst i have to pick is q"

Soham Panchamiya says

"An utterly terrible experience. My baggage was removed from the plane along with several other passengers'. We were only informed about this after we had waited at the baggage rack for an hour in Dubai. This was at 12PM Thereafter, we were told to come back at 3PM as our baggage would be flown in by then. Even though SpiceJet caused the issue, they refused to have our baggage delivered AND they refused to compensate for costs to go to and from the airport (which is quite high in Dubai). When I got back to the airport to pick up my baggage at 3, they delayed further and we waited until 4:30-5 to get our luggage. The SpiceJet manager at Dubai airport refused to speak to us and was literally hiding in the SpiceJet office. Look, these things happen, but it is the airline's responsibility to do everything it can to ensure no further trouble/inconvenience is caused. I have never had such a disgusting experience with any other airline and will never, ever travel with SpiceJet ever again."

Chirayu Pawar says

"Good service but website and customer care can be improved I was recently booking an air ticket from SpiceJet. I got student concession which is a good gesture on their part. But when I had some query regarding it, I called the customer care, my query got resolved but they took quite some time for such a small query. According to me, it could be improved. Also, the website is quite complex and loads slowly(probably too big for weak connections). If they can rectify this, I'll be more than happy to give a higher rating."